Kodiak Recover


Our Kodiak Post-Workout is a blend of everything your body needs to have a strong healthy recovery from any strenuous activity. A quicker healthier recovery means you can spend more time doing what you love.

 BCAA's increase muscle growth by directly stimulating muscle protein synthesis. They can also help you maintain the muscle you already have. When glucose is low due to rigorous exercise, amino acids provide the energy your muscles need, effectively preventing catabolism. Taking them before your workout allows your body to utilize the supplement for fuel and repair during the exercise, which helps increase strength and endurance. Research has also shown that BCAAs aid in fat loss.

 Glutamine increases muscle growth and reduces muscle wasting. There are many major benefits of adding more glutamine to your diet. 

 Electrolytes help to regulate the total amount of water in the body as well as muscle function.


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