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Why Use Pre-Workout Supplements?

Why Use Pre-Workout Supplements?

August 07, 2020


Motivation and drive are often hard to just come by. The human race is busy, and we are all guilty of sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, some people take this to the extreme and let it bog them down day after day.

 Pre-workout is a quick and easy way to get that motivation in a powdered form. I’m not saying this will cure sleep deprivation, but it will give you energy when you don’t feel like you have any of your own.

 If you are planning on any type of physical exertion, Dark Mountain Pre-MTN will help get you mentally prepped and get your blood flowing.

 After taking a scoop, you’ll feel the effects on your body. You’ll feel your energy levels rise, you’ll notice a slight tingle in your scalp as your blood vessels expand. You will feel the absolute desire to go put in some work. In fact, when I take our pre-workout, I must do something. It’s not something you can use and expect to be lazy.

 Our Pre-MTN blend is a very universal pre-workout.  We don’t overdo it on the garbage stimulants.

 Our pre-workout is a solid choice for anyone from gym junkies to backcountry hunters to marathon runners.


Once you’ve mixed and drank your pre-workout, the fun begins.  If you’re experienced with lifting, but inexperienced with supplements, you’re going to see some immediate changes.

Your lifts are going to be much more intense.  The fire that has begun burning inside of you will lead to much more focused and hardcore lifts.

Your strength is going to increase. It won’t be a bunch, but the energy from your pre-workout is going to create an immediate boost to your reps or the weight you are moving.

You might want to bring a rag on the floor with you, because with harder work comes a little bit more sweat.

Not all pre-workouts are created equal. There are some garbage blends out there that will give you some immediate stomach issues.  We don’t have that problem.

Pre-workout supplement

Mental Clarity: 

With our proprietary blend, you’re going to notice some serious laser like focus.  You will be moving with intent. You will feel like you have a solid purpose (which you do) in the gym or on the trails.

With the focus, your activities are going to be much more beneficial and intense.

With the added intensity, you’re going to start to feel those endorphins sooner.  Endorphins are a feel-good hormone.  They are released when we work out.  This is what causes so many to become addicted to exercise, and it’s well worth it.

Since you’re already at a heightened mental state from the Pre-MTN, you’re going to be able to feel and appreciate the endorphin rush even more than normal.


When I’m strength training, I’m always chasing the pump.  The pump is a fantastic state you get into when you put your muscles into tension and really start to increase the flow of blood rushing to them.  If you aren’t quite sure if you’ve ever experienced “the pump,” you haven’t.

Our Pre-MTN will dilate your blood vessels and increase your blood flow to where you need it the most. Whichever muscle group you are working will get the most attention. This is the foundation to achieving the pump.

With focus and work, you will get there.  When you look in the mirror, you will be shocked at the beast looking back at you.

Now the pump isn’t permanent. Not long after you complete your workout, it will start to fade.

I’ve set a never ending goal for myself, and it’s to catch up with my “pump physique” when I’m not actually working out. But the catch to that is that when I catch up to that pump, my new pump is even greater.

I know it’s a goal I can never fully reach, and that’s why I love chasing it. 

Extended Energy:

This is another area where not all pre-workouts are created equal.  One of the biggest problems with other pre-workout blends is that you get an insane rush, insane energy and then you get an even bigger crash to finish it off.  A crash that will quite literally have your feet up on the couch with little to no desire to move.

Our Pre-MTN blend is different.  When you finish exercising, you will feel the endorphins, your muscles will be taxed, but your mental game and stamina will still be strong.

Our blend is designed to keep you going for hours, and then it slowly fades. This way there is no crash.  For this reason, our Pre-MTN is extremely popular with outdoor athletes.

I personally use our pre-workout at the gym, hiking and hunting. When I find myself looking up a steep mountain and my energy levels aren’t real great, I’ll mix up a quick Pre-MTN drink and press on.

I’ll usually begin feeling the effects within a few minutes, and it will help me carry on for the remainder of my hike. Don’t let low energy levels ruin your outdoor adventures! 

Flavor and Mixability:

This one is very hit and miss in the industry. When you are looking at pre-workouts, you’re going to see a lot of flavors.  The problem is that 95% of them taste really bad.

The main reason behind that is that most of them are packed full of filler powders and random trash.  You can’t cover that up with artificial flavors.

We have been extremely particular with our blends and we can promise mouthwatering flavor and perfect mixability.

There is nothing worse than burping up bitter artificial flavors during your entire workout.

Our Pre-MTN is 100% calorie free.  We have no sugars, no carbs.  It’s basically a guilt free drink packed full of flavor and energy.

So the big benefit here is that it tastes great, but also provides you with an incredible drive.  And if you’re on the go, we have single serve packs that will fit in your pocket.


PRE-MTN Pre-workout

Next Level Training:

The entire point behind pre-workouts is to take your training to the next level.  They make your body convince your mind that you must train, and you must train well.

Pre-workout is one of the most important tools to have in your kit. 

If you just need that extra push or need something to help lead you to the gym, pre-workout is going to be your best friend.

Next level training leads to next level results.  When you are just going through the motions and exercising just to exercise, you aren’t going to get good results.  And the results you do get will take a long time.

When you push yourself hard, train with intent, and give it a solid effort every time you exercise, that’s when the results come.

The results will come much quicker and be much more beneficial.

Reasons Why I Use Pre-Workout:

I am an avid outdoorsman and a total gym rat.  I train in the gym 5-6 days a week and spend well over a month out of each year hiking around the mountains. 

I train with intent. I want to be a machine when I’m out backpacking and hunting.  I also am addicted to chasing that pump we talked about earlier.

I use Kodiak Pre-MTN to fuel all of my exercise. Whether it’s cardio on the echo bike, power lifting or just hiking into the backcountry.

I am dedicated day in and day out to better myself.  I know what I want out of my workouts and what I want out of my body.

However, I still have days where I need a boost.  I’m human. We all are.  I don’t care how mentally tough you are, once in a while, you need a boost.

I choose to supplement with pre-workout so that I don’t prematurely fatigue.  When I enter the gym, I want to know that my mind will not have the opportunity to ever let my body quit.  I want to push myself hard every single time I work out.

For me, after I finish working out, my mind is a power house.  After burning steam and beating my body down, my brain completely takes over.  The mental clarity I get after my workouts is second to none, and this is only doable when you use a pre-workout that doesn’t make you crash.

I’m also extremely addicted to the endorphins being released while I work out.  I’ve never used morphine, but they say it’s the same feeling.  Happiness and stress free.

When I’m looking up a mountain and hear an elk bugling somewhere way up there, I will throw back a quick Pre-MTN drink and go.  The difference in my performance is astonishing.  In fact, I have a few friends who really don’t much care to hike with me for that reason.  I just keep going without realizing others might need a break.

I’ve tried hundreds of different pre-workouts out there, and I can promise you one thing. Dark Mountain Pre-MTN is the best one I have ever used. Don't believe me? Check out our 7 Day Trial and see what others are saying as well.

-Andrew, Owner Dark Mountain

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